ET’s New Energy Solutions will electrify the world and conserve it for future generations, bring the planet closer to world peace, solve food and water shortages, and save the world economy more so than any other invention in our era. As the prices of traditional fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal) have skyrocketed, the demand among consumers for ecologically friendly and economically viable alternatives has increased. Since the turn of the millennia, the price of crude oil has gone from a low of less than $30 USD per barrel to a peak of over $163 USD per barrel in June 2008, to its current price of over $62 USD per barrel in May 2019. ET has recognized a tremendous opportunity and need to develop New Energy Solutions that produce electricity from renewable and infinite sources that are not environmentally dependent.

POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENTS - Our organization offers New Energy Solutions for both off-grid and grid-tied, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), applications. ET assists the customer with securing the PPA and advises them on the most financially beneficial regions, as well as provides feedback on ideal properties to interconnect to the grid for Wholesale Power Distribution. When owning your own power plant and interconnecting to the grid for a PPA, the Utility Company provides a contractual guarantee of payment over the 20 year contract. We are unaware of any other business investment where there is such a lucrative return on investment (ROI) that is guaranteed for 20 years. As a customer, you are assisting Developing Nations and Families in Need with ET’s humanitarian missions worldwide because we allocate twenty percent (20%) of our annual profits into these operations.

CONSUMER PRODUCT SOLUTIONS - Consumer products that require energy such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, flashlights, speakers, drones, electric vehicles, etc., could easily integrate our New Energy Solutions either directly into their design or externally as an accessory. Either way, incorporating ET’s New Energy Solutions into consumer products will allow the company and their product(s) to stand out as an outlier in their market; Exclusivity Agreements are available.

OFF-GRID APPLICATIONS - Island nation and rural electrification is a serious challenge worldwide. Whether isolated by the ocean and forced to import traditional fuels (oil, natural gas, and coal), isolated by mountain ranges, deserts, jungles, etc., the electrical grid does not reach everyone. ET’s New Energy Solutions were developed with the intent to provide power in off-grid applications either as an independent power source, or for the establishment of microgrids; Exclusivity Agreements are available.

CUSTOM ENERGY SOLUTIONS - Whether your application is for Aerospace, Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Defense, Electric Vehicles, Information Technology, Logistics & Transportation, Manufacturing, etc., our team of Specialty Engineers prides themself in providing Custom Energy Solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. This process starts with a consultation so that we may better understand the application, power generation and energy storage requirements, as well as learn the limitations inherent within your industry’s standard practices. With this information, we then can develop one or more Custom Energy Solutions to lower your cost of operations as well as greatly increase the capabilities of your business and/or product(s). Our New Energy Solutions are not limited by one approach or one technology. We pride ourselves in custom designing products to optimize operational efficiencies for our customers and their growth as a company.