ET is focused on advanced research and development (R&D) related to disruptive power generation and energy storage technologies; ideal for providing the most efficient size, weight, and power (SWaP) Custom New Energy Solutions across a plethora of Industries. Our generations of Specialty Engineers have nearly a quarter millenia of combined R&D in new energy technologies. Their lifetime of commitment has granted us power generation and energy storage devices unlike anything else commercially available; offering all of the benefits, yet none of the drawbacks associated with conventional technologies. ET's Power Generation Systems (ET-PGS©) predominantly focus on a highly efficient SWaP approach that are uninterruptible, silent running, have zero carbon emissions or other pollutants, are not reliant upon environmental conditions nor dependent upon fuel (purchasing/storage/transportation), have maintenance free operating periods (MFOP) in excess of 30,000 hours, are modular and scalable.

Headquartered in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area, ET has access to a 60,000+ sq ft manufacturing facility where one of its laboratories is located. Management of ET  has  vast

experience in product development, operations, project management, industrial manufacturing, logistics, and engineering. We are confident in our ability to seamlessly produce the desired product(s) in mass after successful completion of the field evaluation and transitioning to the acquisition program. Our experienced team of engineers, one half century of technology development, seasoned management team, and genuine passion for customized solutions to each project makes us the most competitive choice for all of your power needs.